With just 52 days remaining in my much-cherished town of Dartmouth, South Devon, before I embark upon a somewhat hazy and indisputably ill-funded jaunt around at least some of the world, I felt it appropriate to start forming some kind of record of how it is all going.  I have a frustratingly flip-flopping mind – determined to return to my beautiful River Dart and live here with an Irish Wolfhound named Gatsby for all of eternity one day and utterly repelled by the insular and uninspiring fragments of a town rotting around me the next.  When in one frame of mind, I often find it nigh-on impossible to recall the emotions of the other!

With the promise of new experiences in new places during the eighteen month sabbatical I’ve been generously granted, it is almost certain I’ll need some sort of record (not to mention advice!) to keep track of my ever-changing ideas and opinions.  After all, I have around 568 days now to decide whether I will return to my comfortably paid teaching job in a comfortable town in comfortable Devon in September 2014 or whether somewhere between here and then, I can find an alternative way to spend my days.  Expect, therefore, a fair dose of contradiction, indecision and fruitless contemplation along the way and please do feel free to jump in and, in no uncertain terms, point me firmly in the direction of getting a grip.

  1. Steve says:

    This sounds like an epic adventure! – Keep up the posts!
    and so different from Devon!

    • It certainly is epic! Different from Devon yes and yet I keep thinking wistfully about the green hills and blue skies of a winter’s morning walking along Devon’s coastline…ahhhhh… 🙂

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